The Waste Removal Experts

Incorporated in 2004 under the name, "Waste Clear", with the motto, “The Waste Removal Experts".

Re-registered in 2014 under the name, "Waste Clear (Fiji) Pte Limited'

The first locally owned company in Fiji of its nature.

The name and motto of the company were made to reflect the true image of the company which is now engaged in all aspects of waste management.

The company is registered for general waste collections,removal and disposal works using the most sophisticated equipment suited to the various working environments.

Mission & Vision


  • To work in partnership with all stakeholders in providing services in an innovative. efficient, and effective manner in taking our country forward through good ethics cooperation dedication and commitment while incorporating comprehensive, quality health, safety and environmental management plans (environment focused).


  • To be the best Waste Management Company that provides services to its clients in Fiji and ensure a better future for all stakeholders.

Company History

History has records of great entrepreneurial business. The Chand brothers are second generation owners of a family business. Their dad, Subhas Chand, moved to Nausori from Vanua Levu and worked for a waste management company for a few years before he  started his own waste management business. With the family assisting financially he was able to purchase his first septic tanker truck.

In Labasa, the family had survived on farming, so the move to Nausori presented new opportunities.

Concept Plan: Organization Timeline - 5 year plan

1st year

1st year

Transfer Station — moving to a new proposed site.
2nd year

2nd year

Weigh Bridge — open to any trucking business.
3rd year

3rd year

Implementing Recycling Facility and Sorting Rubbish (Reused Rubbish for Export).
4th year

4th year

Fully Function — Transfer and Recycling.
5th year

5th year

Sporting & Learning Facility for the nearby communities.

Waste Management Experts

Meet our leadership team.

Company Strategy


  • Excellence
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Team Work
  • Customer Oriented

Goals and Objectives:

  • The prime goals and objectives of the company are specialised waste management services, and we believe that we can take our country forward through good ethics. Co-operation, dedication, and commitment while incorporating comprehensive, quality health, safety, and environmental management plans.

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